Hot water from your wood stove
This hydronic heater has a 30/70 heat distribution ratio. This means that around 30% of the rated heat output is radiated to the ambient air and around 70% of the rated heat output goes to the water.

The Walltherm just burns wood (dry wood with moisture content about 18%). No use of propane or natural gas, the gas flame is just wood gas.

The Walltherm concept
The Walltherm is the first natural down-draft hydronic wood gasification stove for the living room. The Walltherm is not just a wood stove, it´s a hydronic wood stove and provides space heating and domestic hot water. The Walltherm has a consequently low fuel use with an efficiency of 84% (HHV).

This hydronic wood stove can be connected directly to the central heating system and/or to a thermal storage tank. The Walltherm is tested to the following standards: UL 1482, UL391, CSA B366.1, CSA B415.1-10 and CSA S-627. It meets the EPA Hydronic Heater Program Phase II particulate emission level of max. 18 gr/hour and 0.32 Lb/mmBTU.

You want to see how it works?
Have a look at our brief animation, so you can see how the WALLTHERM WOODSTOVE would work in your home.

Walltherm Animation