Hot water from your wood stove
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Unfortunately we are running out of business.
The manufacturer does not want to pay and work any longer for the high CSA fees and inspections. It seems CSA has very less to do with clean air and safety but much more with market control. Several people from other trade sectors confirmed they have the same problem selling their products. CSA more and more is destroying their market by new regulations as well. Maybe it’s because their mission is to enhance the lives of Canadians.

Anti-Trust Law: The system of monopolies stifles competition and hurts the free flow of innovation and causes all of society to suffer.

However, Power Strength & Energy Solutions Ltd. will stay in the energy field. Please have a look at our new product line:


Our new products address the growing of consciousness of mankind and challenges created by todays technical world.

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The Walltherm concept
This hydronic heater has a 30/70 heat distribution ratio. This means that around 30% of the rated heat output is radiated to the ambient air and around 70% of the rated heat output goes to the water.

The Walltherm just burns wood (dry wood with moisture content about 18%). No use of propane or natural gas, the gas flame is just wood gas.

The Walltherm is the first natural down-draft hydronic wood gasification stove for the living room. The Walltherm is not just a wood stove, it´s a hydronic wood stove and provides space heating and domestic hot water. The Walltherm has a consequently low fuel use with an efficiency of 84% (HHV).

This hydronic wood stove can be connected directly to the central heating system and/or to a thermal storage tank. The Walltherm is tested to the following standards: UL 1482, UL391, CSA B366.1, CSA B415.1-10 and CSA S-627. It meets the EPA Hydronic Heater Program Phase II particulate emission level of max. 18 gr/hour and 0.32 Lb/mmBTU.

You want to see how it works?
Have a look at our brief animation, so you can see how the WALLTHERM WOODSTOVE would work in your home.

Walltherm Animation