How does the Walltherm work?
Wood is burned in the upper combustion chamber. At the start of the fire, the bypass damper is open to establish a hot fire fast and create natural draft. Once flue gasses reached a temperature higher than 300°C you can close the bypass damper. Be sure there are enough coals around the injector (about 2 inches).

Closing the bypass damper forces the smoke to go down through the injector to the lower combustion chamber. In the injector area fresh air is injected (more oxygen) so we are able to burn the wood gases with a very high temperature in the lower combustion chamber. From the lower combustion chamber the flue gasses pass over the water jacket and up to the chimney. In the mean time all the heat in the flue gasses is absorbed by the water jacket in the back of the hydronic wood stove.

A circulator transfers the hot water from the water jacket to a storage tank or heat emitters.

The stove reaches its highest efficiency when the upper combustion chamber is completely filled with well-seasoned wood.

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